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Ready to Join us?

We are hiring amazing people willing to build the next generation of web3 developer tools. Do you want to know how we work?

  • We communicate honesty and we have clear expectations.
  • Added value is not measured by hours worked.
  • We value respect for schedules, punctuality, communication and feedback
  • We take ownership end to end.
  • Taking care of yourself is taking care of the company.
  • We do not expect you to work on the weekend, although if we want it, everything is fine.
  • We use English as the language for all company communications.
  • We invest in feeding the company's formalized knowledge base (documentation, processes).
  • We are demanding. The bar is high.

So... Join us?

If you are a fit, we would love to hear from you! Please tell us more about you and we will contact you soon: